Breakthrough in Life, Spirituality and Photography

First Workshop - Edinburgh


My first workshop in 2016 in Edinburgh.

I know that I had to move forward in Photography after spent a lot time in learning and practicing. I started to experience the stuckness in photography in 2015, then I realized that I have to share my skill and my knowledge to other. 

To be honest, I was nervous but I didn’t have any choice because my gut feeling keep telling me to “Believe in Myself” by doing the things that I love and always moving forward.

You asked: “Have I ever thought about teaching in Photography before?” Never! I enjoyed photography a lot, I never skipped any chance to go out and practice and make more mistakes. My favorite bit was, I enjoyed spent all day meandering with my camera, wether I was getting some good picture or not, I don’t mind because when I go out I learned more and gain more skill and more confident.

I believe that life isn’t about destination, as long you are happy being able to do the things that you love…you’ll grow and evolve because that’s the real happiness.

©Ami Strachan 2018-2019

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