Distance Reiki Healing 7

Distance Reiki Healing 7

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Reiki is a technique for stress reduction & relaxation that also promotes healing.

Energy healing can vary in its effects from person to person. Everyone’s energy system is different, & so everyone responds individually to a treatment. Since a treatment involves freeing blockages & constrictions in your energy flow, the more treatments you have, the more responsive & open your energy field becomes, so that over time you experience deeper & more pervasive benefits. It is an extremely gentle therapy, & should take place in a space where you can feel safe to just let yourself relax & where the energy can work at its optimum for you.

Your appointment will be arranged at a convenient time so you can prepare your environment & yourself.

I can provide these sessions for yourself and your loved one.

Note: I’m only provide Reiki Distance Healing at the moment.

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