My first workshop in 2016 in Edinburgh.

I know that I had to move forward in Photography after spent a lot time in learning and practicing. I started to experience the stuckness in photography since 2015, then I realized that I have to share my skill and my knowledge to other. 

To be honest, I was nervous but I didn’t have any choice because my gut feeling keep telling me to “Believe in Myself” by doing the things that I love and always moving forward.

You asked: “Have I ever thought about teaching in Photography before?” Never! I enjoyed photography a lot, I never skipped any chance to go out and practice and make more mistakes. My favorite bit was, I enjoyed spent all day meandering with my camera, wether I was getting some good picture or not, I don’t mind because when I go out I learned more and gain more skill and more confident.

I believe that life isn’t about destination, as long you are happy being able to do the things that you love…you’ll grow and evolve because that’s the real happiness.

Street hotography isn’t about destination because there isn’t any! Enjoy your day out with your camera and don’t compete with anyoone else because you don’t realize the potential inside you if you are willing to work hard and to learn. One more thing though, don’t be too serious bECuae it’s all about hobby and fun!

Want to learn street photography in Edinburgh or Glasgow?