Street photography Workshop – Edinburgh – Glasgow 

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Photo taken: Gladys Yelland
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Ami is a very passionate street photographer that has dedicated herself to this genre of photography since 2010. Ami likes to be free in expressing her creativity, a self learner and likes to motivate others to be bold and take  chances whilst on the street.

Ami likes eye contact and getting close the her subjects, other than her camera, her intuition is the best tool.

Ami uses a Fuji X100T the most and would recommend this camera to her students, because based on her own experience this camera taught her to study the camera much deeper as a photographer. 

Ami is an independent photographer that doesnt work for any company, she enjoys teaching by giving good advice to novice photographers.

Ami likes to share her knowledge without any worry of being in competition because she understand thats everyone has their own unique talents.

Ami believes that you never waste your time in photography, this hobby pushes you in every aspect of life from personality into psychology. Being bored is a choice!

Ami is very friendly and a straight forward teacher, she will change your perspective in photography.

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Ami is also available for Photogarphy talks, seminars and private courses.


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