Camera Self Healing

Photography is a language for creative expression, which can help us heal from pain, grief, fear, or stress. Through photography, we can learn the language of the mind that we often don’t understand.¬†We can use many types of photography, such as: still photography, street photography, self-portrait, landscape, etc.

In this course, we focus more on how to create self-portraits to express our feelings, whether we feel happy, sad, confused or exhausted, and even to express feelings we can’t describe.

Taking self-portraits can be a powerful way to explore your own identity and sense of self. By taking photos of yourself, you can express your emotions, moods, and experiences visually. Experiment with different poses, facial expressions, and lighting to create images that capture your unique personality and perspective.

Lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Face and shoulder self-portrait.
  3. Faceless self-portrait.
  4. Using both hands self-portraits.
  5. Your Assignment: Photo to create.
  6. The best time to find an inspiration.
  7. Finding a perfect location (indoor and outdoor)
  8. Equipments.
  9. Lighting: Natural light and studio light.
  10. Editing.

This online course is for 4 weeks every Sunday 13:00 – 15:00 (UK time)