As a family we love to travel, in 2014 we went to Carcassone for a day. As usual I have my camera like jewelery hanging around my neck. Normally I like to observe the area before taking pictures. However, the time was tight with two young grumpy teenagers so I thought if I can get at least 1 good image from this place I’d be so damn happy. We went for a walk from one corner to another, visited a local market and the high street until at the end of our walk we went passed the park and I saw this pretty lady inside the box looking at the opposite direction. What do you think I felt before taking her image? I’ll tell you now, I had 1 voice saying “go ahead and do it,”  the other voice said “don’t, you might get caught!” Guess, which voice I followed? Of course, the first one! That’s the reason I have this image as one of my best! To me, 1 good image is better than 50 images that mean nothing. This image taught me how to be bold and follow your gut- I know it sounds easy but you better understand what I mean if you are a street photographer.