Hello there,
Today I’m going to write about the struggle of being an artist, so many opinion and perception from others that sometime hesitates us to move forward to achieve what want but deep inside we can’t stop our soul that is screams to grow. A lot of us thinking of being fail before even trying it out. From not having the best gear, lack of confident, fear of something that still in a horizons.

Take a  deep breath my friends…this is about you that ready to integrate to a different level, don’t judge yourself as a failure before event you try it, the very important thing in life is “you enjoy what you do” and whatever it is that you is keep you moving forward event though only a small step at the time but it’s better that you are experiencing stagnation in life.

To me my friends, understanding what you need is different from what you want. When you feel that your soul want to grow…that’s the need to fulfill to make motivate you and flowing with desires but to be able to do that you must conquer your fear by trusting yourself because no one else going to do that for you.

As a photographer, you want to try a lot different thing because you are hungry from experience and there will be some obstacles as always whether from your network, social media, friends and family but remember “this isn’t about them, it’s about you!” so, don’t except other people perception as a reason to be fear.

Enjoy what you do and let go your expectation, as long you move forward and feel happy about it, that’s the most important thing and let’s see what your progress will take you from here…that’s why the “first step is the most important.”

No matter what  your circumstances are, as long that you are happy today creating something in your life by focusing what you want…then the rest will fall.

Listen to your inner voice my friends, you are the one who is  capable to express your creativity.

Remember: This isn’t about them, it’s about you.