Hold your horses StrePher,

Two years ago, someone approach to me and asking how to start business in street photography. He snet me all the things that he has been prepared to start the business. He bough an expensive website, bought an expensive camera an more. SO I asked what do you know about street photography? “A little ” he answer. And the conversation ended there, because I lost interest with someone that only focusing on money rather than getting dirty in the  mud to gain experiences and learning.

Street photography isn’t about how you earn money, it will come when you create your image. If you enjoy what you do, your happiness is your priority, that’s one reason why I don’t take any model or any photography that has restrictions. It’s good to have hobby and you don’t have pressure. 

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Find the secreat of candid, light, subjects andhow to set your camera.

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This session being held for current covid19, you can book for next year class.

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