Edinburgh is a beautiful city. It is not as big as Madrid or Barcelona but size does not really matter if you understand the basics of “how to observe” in street photography and know what to look for. Other than that, your basic knowledge and  understanding of the exposure triangle are very important too. You don’t have to own a lot of cameras, 2 or 3 are enough as long you understand the systems and how to work the machine properly. The camera doesn’t have brain, but you, as a photographer can function as its brain.

The story behind this image is basically a reminder not to pack the camera in the bag before you reach your door step!

Most the times we know that after hours of meandering on the street we don’t always have a good image that we are proud of or an image that means something to us personally, but when we do, it’s like winning a jack pot!

I took this image in Edinburgh Waverley station – Edinburgh.