Spiritual awakening is the process of going back to your own spirit again after many reincarnations by letting go all the things attached to your soul through life lessons. The process of spiritual awakening is very confusing for all of us and no one expects it to happen to them, myself included!

As we go through life we tend to lose who we are, spiritual awakening is the process of re-connection with your spirit that has been with you through out your lifetime. Before the awakening you do things outwards but this spiritual awakening will force you to go inwards whether you like it or not!

You may feel isolated and different from those around you but by going inward you should find many answers to your feelings and trusting it’s OK to be different, believe in yourself and you will find the freedom in life to pursue things that  suits you most.

Our life is programmed by spirits and our spirit agrees to navigate our life on earth as a human being to build life with other humans and learn from their abilities.

When you feel life is unfair and you’re getting tired of it’s drama, the frustration of that changes will happen just grows worse, this is one small indication that you  beginning to experience the life change. 

The feelings of frustration in our life because we repeat the same thing over and over again,  we don’t realize the habit we create is based on people perceptions and opinions and in the meanwhile our spirit is waiting to reconnect to live within our true selves.

This awakening process slowly  will open your eyes to what  we have to prioritize for ourselves and our needs.

The spiritual  awakening process is like someone knocking your door to pay back your debt and you forget how much you own the Universe!

This awakening will make you realize what really matters in your life be it money, relationship etc and through this journey you will hopefully find your soul needs.

In essence, spiritual awakening is a process of soul calling to start a new life with clean state and trusting The  Universe always has your back. This new journey will guides you to explore your true abilities as your potentials by trusting your intuition.

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