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Often we feel confused in life, reality hit us to grow and expand but in the same time challenge is the blockages for us to move forward. If you are an artist or a photographer, I know exactly how it feels, I’ve been there many times but I never give up. I have two grown up kids when I start my photography and thelast thing is to buy an expensive camera?!

I had a very basic camera when I began to candid in Spain in our 10th wedding anniversary, that holiday was an opening eyes to me that I have some talent and since then I began to crawl…slowly.

I didn’t know anything about photography except feeling happy when I have camera with me, feeling excited when my long finger hit the shutter button and I feel good to spend sometime alone being busy with my imagination.

That was the beginning of my photography. I never had intention to be someone else because I believed that everyone has their own uniqueness.

Long story after some years intensively practicing and learning from my own mistakes I feel that I need to integrate to a different level, some people emailed me to start my own workshop, I was surprised!

Me? workoshop? Me?
Yeah, that’s the question that I keep asking myself and I thought about it and creat some strategy. What I found was, when you start thinking to move forward you will meet people who will support you and help you into direction where you are going but you have to put the hard work! 

I had so many challenges and obstacles to be where I am now, but the key is to believe in yourself and moving forward no matter the circumstances! Your soul challenges you to grow, to learn , to be strong and grounded and if you pass them all you will be in the level that you want to or if you fail then you keep learning to overcome the challenge and obstacle, it’s like when you were at school!

Your soul know what you need, that’s the reason sometime we don’t get what we want and learn to accept and let go..that’s part of your soul evolution too.

Being an artist is about you hear your soul calling, you know that you have some innate but you have cultivate them tirelessly then grow and expand them and share to others who need your guidance or help.

Personally, after I reach to a certain point in photography I had another calling, I was trying a lot different thing to find out what is exactly that my soul trying to tell me? So I tried to help in charity but I was getting no respons so I tried something else and again, it wasn’t for me. Stagnation after stagnation to me was the sign that I had to overcome by going to another direction and keep looking. Basically it’s like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!

Two years after all the strggles, confusion and challenges I feel that I almost there abut I don’t know where the “there” because the second wheere I accomplish something..ther is always somethimg new infront of me, so I move on again…and again until I die.

Listen to your soul….they know what you need

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