Ami strachan

Soul Capture - Soul Healer

1 to 1 soul healing session

This 1 to 1 session is what you need to heal yourself by healing your soul first.

We never thought the day we start loosing our interest in Photography is coming, after so many years doing photography with passion to progress. All the sudden it’s like your camera is not your best friends anymore, what is exactly happens in our life?

“Photography is a love affair with life.”
Burk Uzzle

My story

I have been there three years ago, I was confused and “no one” seems to understand, since then my whole life completely changes!

But now I’m alive again, everyday always full of motivations and ideas to move forward in life.


sign that your life has changes

  • You preffer to spend time alone
  • Loosing interest in social media
  • Experiencing repetitive creative bloackages
  • Constant conflict at works
  • The feeling to do something better but unsure where to begin
  • Exhaustion from trying hard but never get you anywhere
  • Feeling disconected from the rest of the world
  • Long term illness 

you are not alone!

Many of us experiencing the same situation wether photographer, Doctor or shop keepers.

my question:

If photography is your passion it will take on a journey to find your soul and if photography is your happiness keep learning to progress.

But what next?

Have you been lacking enthusism recently?
A lack of motivation to take photos, a lack of motivation about life in general?


If the asnwer is YES, then this session is for YOU!

  • This is 3 x 60 minutes session.
  • A friendly session with me through zoom.
  • This session is flexible within 1 month up to 3 months based on individual willingness to progress
  • In this session I will guides you to remove the blockages and take the next step according to invidual needs.

You are the one who can make the changes in your own life, my guidance is to show you the way and it’s totally up to you whether to take the first step or to decline it.


West Lothian